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Take Shelter

The desire of having you for a night,

sunlight that makes this day bearable,

a sincere smile from another human being,

the cruel world we live in.

Kill the bear, make him suffer,

slaughter his puppies,

grab the treasure.

Put a smile on his dead face,

and enjoy the gold you achieved.


Clouds gathering,

a storm is coming,

guns are feasting,

thunders are roaring.

I’m hungry.

Kill the man,

kill the dream,

far from home,

far from me.


Words collapsing,

taking ti



sun’s flare on the blue planet,

today, a cool wind’s blowing,

creating a hideaway from all this,

I can’t believe this love was an illusion,

but this silence is deadlier as a desert highway in the coldest winter.


Our planet is sick,

I’m drawn, make it to me.

Set the fire, prepare dinner in the afternoon,

waste time.

What’s time?

A convention, an idea, a system, a waiting game.

A love lasted three days, pure perfection of life’s turning point.

We weren’t an illusion,

we were true. We were just me and you.


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