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The Last Grip

A hug from a distance,
a warmness that lasts a minute,
the cold of winter surrounding our naked bodies.
You turn on the other side,
and I follow the strange presence of a body,
a warm human body next to mine.
Your kisses are full of heaven,
but inside I burn of emptiness,
while your smile was everything I wanted to see,
on that cold, dark night.
Just for one little time, just on that moment.
And I promise you that I won’t try it anymore,
I won’t dream of me and you anymore,
I will just turn away from your story.
My destiny is far away,
the long-needed separation is behind the corner,
the challenge.
I’m starving of being good at something,
the accent I can’t understand,
the automatic response of my brain.
A future, from where I will be able to watch that single night,
smile at it, write to you,
and find that same old fragile tension.
The last hopes that hold me here,
thin ropes about to stretch and break,
letting me free to fly in the warmer air of the path,
all dreams funnel on iron wings,
in the sun, in the brilliance I can see under palm trees,
other people, other fears,
and in dreams, I’m sure I will still hold your warm hands,
my last rope,
my last invisible grip.

Another Evening

The movie’s over,
silence in the black of night,
this disguise is too tight for me.
Writing words I don’t really mean,
listening to an instinct I can’t control,
while music plays in my head.
An origin I can’t deny,
an identity that I won’t ever have,
a future decided by the place where I’m born,
a future well out of hand.
Life looks like a glimpse of light,
days go by like lightning waiting to rest.
What’s this glimmering for?
what’s the sense of this struggling?
To find pure pearls of light somewhere,
signs of a so-blinding beauty,
that’s worth a ride, and a tale, and a story.
I want to tell the stories of those pearls,
I want to get lost in the fog,
dance in the rain,
throw away the umbrella and let my tears melt away.

Take Shelter

The desire of having you for a night,

sunlight that makes this day bearable,

a sincere smile from another human being,

the cruel world we live in.

Kill the bear, make him suffer,

slaughter his puppies,

grab the treasure.

Put a smile on his dead face,

and enjoy the gold you achieved.


Clouds gathering,

a storm is coming,

guns are feasting,

thunders are roaring.

I’m hungry.

Kill the man,

kill the dream,

far from home,

far from me.


Words collapsing,

taking ti



sun’s flare on the blue planet,

today, a cool wind’s blowing,

creating a hideaway from all this,

I can’t believe this love was an illusion,

but this silence is deadlier as a desert highway in the coldest winter.


Our planet is sick,

I’m drawn, make it to me.

Set the fire, prepare dinner in the afternoon,

waste time.

What’s time?

A convention, an idea, a system, a waiting game.

A love lasted three days, pure perfection of life’s turning point.

We weren’t an illusion,

we were true. We were just me and you.

Feather’s Weight

The sound of a fan in the distance of this cloudy morning.

I listen to the sound it makes while it spins to create a breath of wind on my sweated skin.

A moment to remember,

your arms around my body,

my hug to you,

sweet kisses given to your cute sleepy face,

as the clock ticks on remembering me how precious is this moment I am living.

Your skin, your breath,

slowly caressing your frown,

enjoying the weight of your body against me.

Wind, the wind that carries me away,

the wind that makes me cry out the loneliness I feel now,

now that we’re far away as before, now that I cannot feel the protection of your smile.

I don’t want to be a shadow for you,

I want to be the only one in your light.

I don’t want to drive away,

tell me we’ll meet again,

in a while, in a month, in a year,

tell me I’ll be able to be in your arms again,

tell me we’ll be able to live once again this enchantment.

And now, alone as I go to bed with the light on,

as I search with my hand the presence of your body beside me, but catching nothing but a memory,

I’m stuck in your kisses.

Let me sleep. I want to dream of you. I want to have a chance to meet you one more time.



When I lay here,
beaten up by the vibes of a strange rhythm.
Looking for a touch I will never allow, breaking the rules we created,
turned up by the clouds.
Dreaming of a future far away,
hugged together in the silver moonlight, floating in the fresh air,
enjoying the blue of the night, 
holding hands.


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