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Drops of pouring rain hitting my forehead,
my uncertainties,
my sudden comeback,
while fast cars drive by on the fast lane.

A far away friend,
a missed answer,
numbers I don’t remember.

A regret digging in my soul.
Can you hear my call?
This hurt I’m going through,
it’s a glimpse of moonshine through the wet ground.

Snowflakes flying in the twilight,
they’re tapping against my skin,
while a wistful silence reigns
on the white-covered countryside.

The shadows of the night gather in the suburbs,
and I take your side,
I take up the gauntlet,
to find a flickering light through the grimmest darkness.

I won’t bide my time, waiting for the sun to come,
I will shovel in the snow,
till I see the sun rays cutting through,
warming up my weak, pale and thirsty skin.

Drunk Night

Under the lights, aside, apart from the mess.
I see unnamed meaning’s faces, talking and moaning,
erasing their protections as the clock ticks on.
Faces, smarter people.
A sweetness forbidden.

I watch them from a distance,
too weak to make a move,
too stunned to feel something.
He touches her,
an interests. Beats.

I want to cry so bad,
let me cry, I want my tears back.
I can’t stand the difference of time,
standing under the dimming light of the moon.
There’s no one around me, I’m alone.

No time to understand what’s going on, no time to think.
The river flows unrelentingly,
between the Valleys of the Meadows of Heaven,
the peak of the Mountain still shines.
I’m in the hole, waiting for the time.

The Leaving

While shivers crawl down my spine and I wait for the ending of this war, lulled by the trembling sound of a blurring piano in the cool and clear winter sky hanging on the Big Square.
People are murmuring as I isolate myself. I should walk in the gloomy light of the ancient architectures, down till the crowd melts away.
I won’t never be on time, as the Great Gig in the Sky crashes my thought in a crystalline view of perfection.

She sings, as the curtain closes on this stage.

Sing again.
Here, where my heart lingers.


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