My mind looms over the fog,

like a barrier between me and the world,

a desire of intimacy that still lingers in my heart,

your fingers I once crooked are touching my soul,

and there’s an image you created,

a galilean joke that you appreciate,

while the silence goes on,

even in this sunny autumn day.

A day where I’d like to forget about life,

because I don’t know what I’m looking for.

Whatever it is, I’ve not found it yet.

Should I look for something better?

Should I search among the bluest skies?

An old-time movie plays on the background,

memories of a time not-so-far, not-so-near,

a time when I was just a wish, a desire of a woman,

What were you thinking?

That’s just confusion,


Nonsense becomes sense,

embrace me and never let me go,

fulfill the ocean in my lungs,

make me breathe the purest thin air.


Let me wrap my hands around your neck,

let me kiss your lips once again,

let me go away and live far away from here,

let me gather intentions on a line.

All I want is to smile again,

a change. Am I really good at change?

What’s change?

I’d change everything, but it won’t change nothing.

Alas, I want hope.

Embrace me. Let me breath.


Informazioni su erikberti

It's frankly hard to describe myself in this little space, but I'll try to do my best: I'm 29, graduated in fashion and design. I love to write tales and novels and to study languages... I love words, their meaning, their importance, the deepest emotions that they can create when they are close to each other, the stories one can tell with words. Yes, stories. I'm obsessed by the infinite number of stories that can be told. This is my personal diary, I will post poetries, writings and streams of consciousness, that will be probably gathered together in a collection. Thank you for following my dream!

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